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Yes, every student receives an e-certificate (PDF file) after workshop/course completion. If you require a print copy, you can request it as well.
Although our Certificate of Accomplishment is one of the most prestigious and highly recognised, it is not an accredited academic qualification.

To work as a Professional Photographer, the only “accreditation” you will ever need is a very strong portfolio of images and this is what we, at Bouncing Bulb Academy, will help you to build.

Our Courses and Workshops emphasise the importance of practice and if you are really passionate about photography, keep up the good work, and build confidence, in a very short time you will have what it takes to break in the business of photography.

We reserve the right to deny a certificate if you do not achieve the required standards.

Ideally, you would learn with your own camera because different models vary a lot. When buying a camera you have to think about the size, weight, design, etc…
We have DSLR cameras which you can use free of charge during workshop hours. Please confirm availability before booking the course.


Although any DSLR or Mirrorless camera will suffice for you to learn, we recommend that you talk to us before the workshop for guidance on buying the right stuff.

Let us know if you intend to pursue a career in photography and we will be able to recommend the right equipment for the field you choose.

We will understand your requirements in our discussion and suggest the right gear keeping in mind various considerations like Usage, budget and other factors.

  • Your camera, lens, fully charged battery, clean memory card, pen and paper.
  • For the Digital Darkroom module on post-processing, we will be using software such as, Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop you will be asked to bring with you your laptop pre-installed with the same and a mouse.
  • Please always refer to the Workshop description for more information.

The minimum age to join our workshops is 18 years old (younger students can join with written authorization from parent/guardian, please contact us before booking)

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