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The Digital


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Photography Editing Workshop -
The Digital Darkroom

No photograph is complete without post-shoot processing! Photographers shooting with film have always fixed, developed and printed their exposures in darkrooms. Thankfully for photographers today, digital cameras transparently 'develop' the exposures with a built-in processor and present a image ready for viewing. For the beginner, such picture quality could be acceptable.
However, for the artist and the creative photographer in you, we present you our photography editing masterclass workshop - the Digital 'Darkroom', where you gain the essential knowledge and techniques to push your photographs beyond your camera's processing capability and bring out the best in your photographs.
In this masterclass, you learn the workflow and techniques to understand and correct the composition, dynamic range, colour balance, touch-up and other such factors that take your raw photographs to a higher realm of artistic presentability.

Course Outline

With The Photography Editing workshop, we intend to impart to you not only the skills to use popular post-processing tools, but also the knowledge and attitude needed to dissect, understand and apply fundamental darkroom principles.
The intensive hands-on workshop broadly covers :

Understanding The Need For Processing
The Difference Between Editing & Processing
Lightroom v/s Photoshop & Why Lightroom Is Better
Understanding The Lightroom Interface
The Library Module
Importing Pictures
Culling, Rating & Assigning Keywords
Developing With Lightroom
Working With The Basic Panel
Tone Curve Panel
HSL Panel
Converting To B&W, Split Toning
Details & Transform Panel
Introduction To Photoshop
Watermarking & Exporting Images
Establishing A workflow
  • This photography editing workshop is for photographers not familiar with post-processing techniques or image editing.

  • Attendees of this workshop are expected to have a fair understanding of the fundamentals of photography, as well as be comfortable with shooting with their cameras in Manual and/or semi-assisted modes.

  • For those needing help on these skills, we refer you to our training programme on Fundamentals of Digital Photography – Basics & Beyond

  • Any laptop with
    An installation of Adobe Lightroom (preferably the latest version) and optionally Adobe Photoshop.
  • To save time, please make sure that this software is pre-installed before coming to the workshop.
  • Your pictures in raw file format, stored on your laptop or on suitable media.
  • A 7day trial version can be downloaded from Adobe
  • Course duration – 4 days, 10-12 hours of training.
  • Classes will be conducted on 4 consecutive weekdays.
  • Each class session will of ~2 hours duration.
  • We also offer customisation options to suit your timings.
  • Talk to us! 
    Call +918151990011 for choosing a plan thats right for you!

Regular Weekday Program:  Rs.15000/- 

Custom Schedule Program: Rs. 18000/-

Fees are payable at the time of enrolment. 


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Workshop Duration

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Photoshop and Lightroom help me transform my photos into what my heart felt, but my camera couldn’t quite capture!

— Marius Vieth
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Personal attention throughout the program with seats limited to 4 participants


Highly valued certificate from the academy upon completion of the course


Step by step process and hands-on experience that helps you build up real skills


Continued mentoring after you complete the course if you need help along the way