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Our Mission

At the Bouncing Bulb School of Photography, our vision is to be a trusted source in photography education and training, understanding and responding to your needs with products and services that provide true value and bottom-line results.

What We Do

Established in 2013, Bouncing Bulb Photography Academy is focused on imparting education in photography. We provide quality education and training with Courses and Workshops designed to inspire and empower you.

Our Methodology

We strongly believe the learning process in photography or in developing any other skill must be enjoyable in order to love the subject and succeed throughout every step of the learning curve. Our method of educating is more like coaching & mentoring than teaching, informal & more like a conversation than a lecture.

The Mentor

Endowed with technical acumen & a keen eye, Sudhir Kedia is a self-taught photographer, with over 15 years of experience. He dabbles with various photography genres while being extremely passionate about wildlife.An abundance of knowledge, patience & an ardour to educate & guide, are traits that make him a quintessential mentor to those aspiring for excellence in their pursuits.

Both teaching and coaching are of course helping someone learn a particular skill or sharing a certain piece of knowledge.
Coaching requires a cyclical, ongoing interaction. In order to coach someone, you need to first teach them something, then observe the student, and then provide feedback again.
Teaching is primarily a one-way interaction. A person that knows something shows you how to do something or tells you some piece of information that they know.
The biggest difference is that, ultimately, teaching is about the teacher and coaching is about the student.
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