“If you are really going to be serious about photography…you have to immerse yourself in it. And it’s in those periods of immersion that the greatest rewards occur.“



Our Program

Whether you are a novice, or have been shooting for a while and wish to advance your photography skills, we at Bouncing Bulb understand that you may need personalised attention for your learning needs.  

For individual or corporate group training, we offer you training packages customised for your particular requirement. 

Besides numerous hands-on photo exercises and assignments with individual feedback, you could review your past work or photography projects, have guided studio or field photo sessions, discuss artistic direction with our senior photographers and set specific goals for the future while developing an action plan for achieving them.  

Our intensive, custom-tailored training programme is sure to provide you with photographic as well as artistic growth.

Our Process

We conduct a preliminary meeting with you either in person or over a teleconference, to help us identify your needs and preferences for structuring your training. 

After this discussion, we design your training programme considering your current skill levels, growth aspirations and constraints on location or timing.

The final programme could be one of these :

  • a private one-on-one custom-designed training workshop for yourself,
  • or a series of workshops for a small group of two or more,
  • or a custom workshop for larger groups or organisation at your preferred location

 or something different from the above list that is particular to your or your organisation's needs.

Your training workshops can held be at the Bouncing Bulb Photography studio facility or at a location of your choice. Models can also be arranged for the training photoshoots. 


Your private workshop can include:

    • Review of your photography process
    • Critique of your past work and projects
    • Help for you to prepare your photo assignments for publication
    • Development of a vision plan based on your intended direction.
    • Custom photo assignments and exercises, at our studio or on location
    • Image review and critique of assignments, based upon your personal goals
    • Post-processing workflow using popular tools such as Lightroom/Photoshop/GIMP
    • Shooting with On/off-camera flashes and studio lighting
    • Guided photo shoots that could include portraits of models
    • Advice on equipment - camera system, computer, software, printer
    • Fine-tuning your darkroom or digital printing workflow


Please write to us for a discussion.

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