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I had a very good and satisfying creative shoot by Bouncing Bulb. I found them particularly skilled at interacting with artists like myself and understanding requirements particular to us. The final pictures were outstanding and aesthetically presented.
I look forward to getting more of their creative photoshoots of my artwork and studio.
Intellectual and contemporary in their approach towards portraiture and photography in general, I hope their honesty and passion for photography will greatly benefit their customers in large.
Posted By: Prof. Tejendra S Baoni
The studio atmosphere at Bouncing Bulb was relaxed, and the photographers were friendly and creative .. they helped me with a lots of tips on posing and made me very comfortable. hats off to their dedication. and thanks a lot for such a wonderful experience. will be waiting to work together in future again.
Posted By: Kumari Uma
Thank you Bouncing bulb for an amazing workshop… It was indeed a great learning experience !!!

Few words about the team...

• Highly experienced
• Thorough professionals
• Friendly and approachable

“Bouncing bulb photography “ - The perfect start for amateur photographers !!!..... That’s all I can say ………Looking forward for more of the ‘BBP’ events !!
Posted By: Priya Nithindra
A very competent team of highly trained, passionate and motivated photographers and tutors. I am impressed by the depth of their technical knowledge and their ability to communicate it to the their course delegates. I wish them all the success.
Posted By: Dr. Murali Hathwar
Consultant Physician
Hi,I did attend the basic and also the basics on post prossessing workshop and found the basic workshop very informative and you guys should have made the post prossesing workshop a two day one for it was informative but cramped up for a days workshop.The next time you guys do a post prossesing workshop please consider a two day schedule for theres lots to learn and information cannot be absorbed in just a day All the best guys and keep it going.
Posted By: Felix Raviprakash
I attended their basic programme on photography...I look forward to join some of the nature tours conducted by them....the group have excellent technical knowledge and great artistc sense...their photographs bear testimony to that...keep up the good work.
Posted By: Veena Naik
Government Official
I was part of wild-life photo tour to Dandeli. The tour was very well organised and we had plenty of opportunities for wild life photography. Early morning safari, evening bird watching, Nocturnal animals photography opportunities were provided. As a first timer, I was very thrilled and had my hands-on experience. It was not just an opportunity providing tour but also the guidance and hand-holding sessions that the expert team of Sudhir Kedia, Gopi and Shreedhar Mechri provided during the shooting sessions that attracted me. The most appreciable thing was that the expert team put the 'participants first' attitude and provided the opportunities and review sessions at the end of each organised session. Well done ...
Posted By: Subhash Kulkarni
Senior IT Manager
Bouncing Bulb Photography guys display excellent attention for detail and are technically very sound making even simple interactions with them very rewarding and valuable. The photography style I find is up to date with whats in vogue, yet they are fully aware of the purist photography approaches and are experts in the 'text book' knowledge. This combination is of great value and I find learning from them is the best way to both get off the ground as well as to hone those already acquired photography skills.
Posted By: Kiran Bangalore (NanatvaMusic)
IT Professional, Musician, Professional Photographer
Good work at Bouncing Bulb. Their technical knowledge in photography is excellent. Students attending their workshops would be greatly benefitted from this. Hardworking, honest and overall their passion in photography and nature will surely be helpful to everyone involved with them. All the very best in all your endeavours.
Posted By: Dr. Anil Joshi
A great set of Pro photographers, Excellent workshops with good gears...
Posted By: Raj Lal
IT Professional
Folks at Bouncing Bulb are very knowledgeable about the photography techniques and the gears. They are very professional and they know what they are doing. The most I liked is their way of explaining the complex stuff in a simple understandable way. I'm waiting for my next opportunity to sign up for their popular wildlife photo tour. Good luck guys and keep clicking.
Posted By: Jay Chetty
IT Professional
Bouncing bulb is the best place for learning photography. Concepts are explained really well. They teach you everything they know with ease..I recommend everybody to visit them once..Good Luck BB and keep up the good work..
Posted By: Amith B N
IT Professional
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