Bouncing Bulb helps you to freeze your life's best moments for eternity.  

Whether you are tying the knot for a lifetime, celebrating an anniversary/birthday or welcoming a newborn into your family, you want those perfect moments to be framed in time forever. Whenever you want to relive those moments, these images help you time-travel to those nostalgic memories.  

Most of the time, such events of your life are quite fast paced for the camera. The family and friends crowding around ceremonies and rituals, the change of moods - a burst of laughter here or a tear rushing through there - all of them can pose challenges to the photographer.

However, we at Bouncing Bulb carry all the experience, creativity and technical skill required to capture those moments for you and compose a narrative of images that place viewers right inside your stories.


 Our photographic services cater to a wide range of family and social events.

  • Weddings  - A blend of visual-documentation, portraiture and fine art.
      • Whether in the form of elaborate religious ceremonies or a light-weight social parties, weddings give us the opportunity to showcase to you our capablity to combine art, storytelling and photographic technique. 
  • Engagement Ceremonies - The beginnings of your story.
      • Engagement ceremonies allow us to narrate the beginnings of your love story.  They also help you get comfortable before the camera and raise your expectations for the shoot on the big day.  
  • Pre- and Post-wedding portraiture - Opportunies for the couple to get closer and freeze those moments.
      • Pre-wedding portraiture could include portraits of you and/or your fiance trying your wedding attire and jewellery, candid shots of you shopping or dining with your fiance, or just fine art portraits of you sharing tender moments with your fiance.  The pictures from these shoots can also be perfect as save-the-date cards, engagement party invitations, or as slide-shows displayed on your wedding party.
      • Post-wedding shoots serve to mark an important chapter in your combined lives, preserved forever with our fine-art portraits of your togetherness.
  • Pre- and Post-wedding Ceremonies and Events - Mehendi/Haldi ceremonies, Sangeet parties, Poojas, Family Parties...

      • Such occassions offer ample chances to get you candid and fine art portraits, while documenting the proceedings of the ceremonies.

  • Family Events - Naming/Baptism ceremonies, birthday parties, anniversaries, 
  • Parties and Social Events - Casual Parties, Send-offs, get-togethers, formal meets, school reunions ...
  • Stage Shows and Events - Concerts, Dance shows, Felicitation ceremonies....
      • We have years of experience shooting music and dance concerts, stage shows and formal stage ceremonies.  Whether it is a dazzling rock concert or a serene classical music show, Bouncing Bulb is THE photographer for you to capture those low-lit scenes or high voltage moods.


Our post-shoot services include : 

  • Portrait Enhancement -
    • We utilise years of our portraiture expertise and and cutting edge digital enhancement software to enhance your natural looks and maximize the visual impact of your pictures. When used in tandem with the creative talent of our team, and access to professional development labs, the results are guaranteed to impress. 
  • Printing & Framing  -
    • We offer a range of high quality printing and framing services that can be customized to best portray the stories held in your photographs. We'll help you choose how best to display your artwork, suggesting print media and framing styles that highlight and enhance your pictures.  Our printing media include untearable paper and canvas in a variety of sizes, from A5 sized prints suitable for tabletop display to large A1 sized prints to enhance your drawing room wall.
  • Photo Albums  -
    • We offer a variety of artistic, custom designed photo albums with a wide range of paper qualities, textures and sizes.
  • Online Gallery  -
    • For a limited time after the final photoshoot, a full gallery of the high resolution images can be discretely made available to your friends and family for them to order additonal prints or downloads.


Our Process

 Our photography service process ensures that we understand your personal photography requirements, while refining your vision of your needs.

  • Personalised Consultation -
    • Our photography services are a platform for you to freeze the moments of your wedding/event with your typical signature style. To understand your narrative, we conduct a preliminary discussion with you for you to articulate your vision to us.  For your convenience, we are available for the discusson at our studio or over the phone. We typically look for the the following information from you :
      • The sequence of ceremonies, their dates and timings.
      • Your requirements on the style of pictures : stylised portraits, candid pictures capturing the moment, coverage to document your ceremonies, or a mix of these !
      • Print media, size and finish, album styles and finish, etc.
  • Agreement on Deliverables and Cost - 
    • After the discussion, we agree with you on a package of deliverables to you, as well as the the costing of our services to you.
      • At this point, we will require an advance payment as a retainer to book our dates for you.
  • Preparing for your photo shoot -
    • Depending on the options you've chosen and the kind of event (esp. informal occassions such as pre- or post-wedding couple shoots), our team can advise you and help you choose the themes, locations, wardrobe, makeup, or even props to help distinguish your own original signature style.  
  • The Photo Shoot -
    • We shoot your pictures as per your articulated wishes with our high end photography equipment, years of experience and adequate staff.
  • Post-shoot Consultation -
    • This is when you look at the rushes of your pictures and instruct us on the look, editing effects, any additional media (i.e., larger prints, etc), as per the vision plan.  
      • Typical turn-around time for preparing the rushes of your pictures is 3-7 working days after the final shoot.
  • Delivery -
    • All of your portraits will be delivered to you in softcopy as standard resolution JPEG files after due post-processing.  
      • Typical turn-around time for delivering the proofs of the final softcopy versions of your pictures is 7-30 working days, depending on the volume and style of the pictures.
      • Additional formats, resolutions and media will be delivered to you after suitable processing  and finishing as previously agreed with you.  The exact turn-around time will depend on the format and media.



    You can choose and configure your sessions and deliverables to include a myriad of options not limited to the following of our additional services : 

    • On-location make-up artist and hair stylist
    • Themed costume, jewellery and accessories for hire
    • Printing on a variety of media including non-tearable paper, canvas, albums etc 
    • Wide range of print sizes - from A5 tabletop size to A1 sized large format
    • Framing with artistic styling and material
    • Photo Albums of various styles, textures and sizes
    • Discrete online Gallery for your friends & family to order additional downloads or prints.




    We ensure that you receive great quality photography services at very reasonable prices.

    email.png Write to us now for a preliminary discussion !


    • Do you work outside of Bangalore?
      • Yes! We are big fans of destination weddings and events.
    • Where are you based out of ?
      • Bangalore, India. But we travel a lot, so you might find us just about anywhere.
    • How many pictures do you deliver?
      • Normally between 300 and 500 images for an event lasting 3-4 sessions.
    • Do you edit all of the pictures youself?
      • Yes, every image is fully edited by us.
    • When do we get our pictures?
      • We deliver softcopies of your pictures within six weeks after your event.
      • Any additional media, such as prints, albums may take more time.  Please check with us for more details.
    • How do we get our photos?
      • Through a password-protected online gallery or on a DVD.
    • Can we get our photos printed?
      • Yes, we offer high-quality printing services.
    • Do you offer printed albums?
      • Yes, we offer fine-art albums.
    • Do you offer hourly event coverage?
      • No. We always offer session based coverage. Each session is timed at 4 hours.
    • Do you have backup gear?
      • Yes. We always have multiple camera bodies, a number of lenses, and more memory cards than we need at all our photoshoots.
    • How do we Book?
      • Write to us and we'll take it from there.
      • To help you secure our dates, we require a retainer payment, without which we are unable to hold any dates for you. 

    email.png Write to us now for a quote !




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