Portraits, beyond painting a pretty visual, should give the viewer an abstracted facet of your personality.  

Whether depicting you individually or with your loved ones, we at Bouncing Bulb ensure that your portraits convey your mood and emotions positively to the viewers, giving them a glimpse of who you are rather than how you look.

Our photographic process and style relfect our passion for portraying the essence of the human emotion.  Be it individual or group portraits, candid or staged makeover shoots, family mementos or marking the arrival of a newborn, our carefully crafted photographs portray your intended mood to deliver that timeless picture you have always longed for.

In addition to shooting in our studio, we can bring our studio to your home or any location of your choice to get you images that provide unique insights into your lifestyle and personality. 


 We make portraits of everyone !

  • Individuals  - For casual or professional portfolios.
  • Family Shoots - Making artful mementos of your with your family.
  • Infants & Children - Marking the arrival of your newborn, or framing moments in your child's life.
  • Couples - For couples outside the crowd.
  • You and your pets - For displaying your affection for your pet animal on the frame.

Our post-shoot services include : 

  • Portrait Enhancement - We utilise years of our portraiture expertise and and cutting edge digital enhancement software to enhance your natural looks and maximize the visual impact of your portraits. When used in tandem with the creative talent of our team, and access to professional development labs, the results are guaranteed to impress. 
  • Printing & Framing  - We offer a range of high quality printing and framing services that can be customized to best portray the stories held in your photographs. We'll help you choose how best to display your artwork, suggesting print media and framing styles that highlight and enhance your pictures.  Our printing media include untearable paper and canvas in a variety of sizes, from A5 sized prints suitable for tabletop display to large A1 sized prints to enhance your drawing room wall. 

Our Process

 Our portraiture process ensures that we understand your requirements, while refining your vision of your portraiture needs.

  • Personalised Consultation -
      • Art itself is a stylistic means of communication, and our portraiture services are a platform for you to express yourself and state your message with your visual signature. To understand your narrative, we conduct a preliminary discussion with you for you to articulate your vision to us.  For your convenience, we are available for the discusson at our studio or over the phone.
  • Preparing for your photo shoot -
      • After you have conveyed your vision to us, our team can advise you and help you choose the themes, locations, wardrobe, makeup, or even props to help distinguish your own original signature style.  We agree on the date, location and style of your photoshoot.  We also agree on the costing of our services to you.
  • The Photo Shoot -
      • We shoot your pictures as per your articulated wishes with our high end photography equipment and years of experience.
  • Post-shoot Consultation -
      • This is when you look at the rushes of your pictures and instruct us on the look, editing effects, finishing media (i.e., softcopy, print, etc), as per the vision plan.  
  • Delivery -
      • All of your portraits will be delivered to you in softcopy as standard resolution JPEG files after due post-processing.  
      • Additional formats, resolutions and media will be delivered to you after suitable processing  and finishing as previously agreed with you.



    You can choose and configure your portraiture session to include a myriad of options not limited to the following of our additional services : 

    • On-location make-up artist and hair stylist
    • Themed costume, jewellery and accessories for hire
    • Printing on a variety of media including non-tearable paper, canvas, albums etc 
    • Wide range of print sizes - from A5 tabletop size to A1 sized large format
    • Photo albums of varied formats, styles, textures and sizes
    • Framing with artistic styling and material


    Our services are priced very reasonably to favour your budget.  

    Our prices begin at Rs. 400/- onwards**

    Write to us for your custom portraiture session. 

    (** Our base package includes a single studio shot + one A4 size print + two A5 size prints) 

    email.png Write to us now for free consultation !

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